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- Corrosion resistant construction (aluminum &

  stainless steel components only)

- Provides/serves as grab bar for easier roof access

- Contains no sharp edges or snag points

- Designed to fit standard Bilco & Lexcor roof hatch

- Engineered to meet MOL requirements (ladders to

  extend above roof level, remove hazard of open

  hole/pit in work surface)

- Self-Closing gate

- Provides open hatch protection

- Lightweight aluminum design allows for easy

  install with minimum tools

- Non roof penetrating

- Fits all brands of roof hatches with cap flashing

The perfect solution to solve the problem of an open hatch being viewed as an open pit / fall hazard.  The GRASP Hatch-Guard acts both as a railing system around the open hatch, as well as provides hand grabs for a worker as they ascend/descend the top of the access ladder.





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